My name is Andrew Maniotis and I am a cancer researcher at the University of Illinois at Chicago. More specifically, I am the program director of the cell and developmental biology of cancer in the department of pathology, and bioengineering.


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  1. The Editor on

    Thank you for a well written essay. While I am not a scientist, nor a physician, I have come to the same conclusions.

    I publish the website NotAIDS! at http://notaids.com and I have written some articles probing similar questions.

    For example, if “viral load” increases and T-cells decrease concurrently with syphilis infections, why aren’t syphilis tests or harmless penicillin shots given as a first response to gay men presenting with high “viral load” counts?

    As a non-physician, I have accurately diagnosed syphilis in 3 acquaintances before their doctors did.

    Why do “HIV” particles in EM photos look exactly like Rubella or Herpes virions?

    Why isn’t food aid and technologies for purifying drinking water supplies in sub-Saharan Africa the first response rather than deadly DNA damaging chemicals masquerading as “treatment” ?

    I am quite certain the only thing associated with HIV in this world is the arrogance and stupidity exhibited by the AIDS industry. How long will the individuals who inhabit the sphere, “AIDS lovers” as I like to call them, carry out the dirty business of profit-making for sociopathic pharmaceutical and biotechnology business owners?

    – The Editor, http://NotAIDS.com

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